Mountain View police crack down on moving violations


Students aren't the only ones learning lessons.

"It was like not right stop. Not complete stop," said ticketed driver Eric Marquez.

"He said he was running late trying to drop his kid off at school," said Sgt. Peter Beninger of the Mountain View Police Department.

The most common problems officers see on the roads are distracted drivers; people texting or calling on cellphones, speeding drivers and those not stopping when a pedestrian is in a crosswalk.

Parents notice just how dangerous it can be around campuses.

"People speed through. People are unobservant of the kids around, especially with the crosswalk. There's been numerous near misses," said parent Jason Nordin.

Once in the classroom, school district officials say students will notice a heightened focus on 21st Century skills.

Some students are focused on their social life, while others are hungry to dig in to their books.

"Really excited, going to get new homework… I really like school," said student C.J. Durand.

Mountain View police say people can check their twitter page to find out which campuses they'll be at this week.

The ticket for rolling through a stop sign will cost the driver about $300.

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