SFSU packed with students and parents for move-in day


In dorm rooms across the campus there were parents like Cheryl and Patrick Ordonez who were looking for one last thing to do.

"I can still see her walking into kindergarten like yesterday," Cheryl said.

Except that now her daughter Veronica is in the back getting to know her new roommate Shannon.

And this is why move-in day for kids, is like moving on day for their parents.

When asked if they're ready to be empty nesters, Patrick replied, "no," while Cheryl said, "Not really. We're going to figure it out."

The scene at San Francisco State was much the same as at any college or university -- kids who worked hard to here and parents working hard to pay for it.

At San Francisco State this year fees have actually rolled back because of Proposition 30, but it's still expensive. The average cost for four years is $25,000. Add room and board and you're looking at more than $30,000 for a four-year degree.

"In the good old days, the state of California covered most of the costs," said Vice President of Student Affairs Jo Volkert.

But now it's mom and dad, the same folks you see here who helped their kids over pack and then squeeze all that stuff into their new homes away from home.

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