Woman attacked near Santa Clara University


Those at The Hut on Franklin Street want their customers to be on the lookout for a man who sexually assaulted a woman just after midnight on Wednesday, less than a block away from the bar.

She was walking alone when a man grabbed her from behind, pushed her into the bushes, and attacked her.

"Very brazen, I think she was a very brave young female that fought off her attacker, scared him. He was probably not expecting that," said Santa Clara Police Lt. Kurt Clarke.

The victim got away and called for help. Just 15 minutes later, Santa Clara University sent out an alert via email and voicemail that said, "An attempted sexual assault occurred at Franklin and Sherman Streets."

The university called it an attempted assault, while police do not. Either way, students are worried.

"I actually got a call from my mom that morning saying, 'Are you OK? Are you safe?' because we live three blocks from here," said Paula Gonzalez, a Santa Clara University student.

"It's definitely a little unnerving that it happened near campus," said Karina Soto, a student.

Longtime Santa Clara resident Angie Sanchez has noticed more transients in her neighborhood.

"I don't know who this man is. It's a shame," said Sanchez.

She hopes women will be even more careful.

"They're out and about walking around, girls jogging by themselves, just college behavior and I just think they take for granted safety of the neighborhood," said Sanchez.

Police won't confirm if the victim was connected to the university.

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