Two arrested after shooting near school in Vallejo

Police searching for shooting suspect in Vallejo neighborhood.

August 28, 2013 12:17:19 PM PDT
Vallejo police have arrested two people at an elementary school after a shooting in a nearby neighborhood.

Investigators say a man was shot in the leg on Wednesday around 6:45 a.m. near Alhambra and Hollywood avenues.

While police were searching for the suspects, a janitor at nearby Beverly Hills Elementary School told them he thought they were there.

Police arrested two people. They believe one is the gunman.

Some neighbors heard the gunshots.

"I ran to my other friend's house and hid," neighbor Herlinda Vidana said. "I just hid because I heard the shots."

Neighbor Major Jordan added, "And we just heard the shots and then we came, I mean, seeing all the police cars fly by."

School wasn't open yet when the incident happened.

Officials say the shooting victim does not appear to have life-threatening injuries.