Two dead in travel trailer fire in San Leandro


Authorities have not confirmed the identities of the people living inside, but neighbors say it was a husband and wife. The fire broke out around 3:30 in the morning. Fire officials confirmed there was a second victim, hours after the first body was discovered.

"It looked like some shelving materials fell down and collapsed on the person, the second occupant was also trapped down in a corner area under a large pile of debris," said Alameda County Fire Department Batt. Chief Chuck Palmer.

The battalion chief says not only was there a lot of stuff in the small trailer, but the actual walls of the trailer fell too. Neighbors knew all too well there was a least one person trapped in the flames -- they say she lived long enough to call out to them.

"I asked her, 'are you ok?' She said, 'no, I'm not ok,'" said neighbor Mildred Ortiz.

Ortiz says the woman was elderly and disabled. Ortiz and another neighbor busted into the trailer, trying desperately to save her.

"It was locked and I knocked a section out of the door with a crowbar and pulled it open, but it was too late. I couldn't do anything -- I felt helpless," said neighbor Robert Varady.

Firefighters were on scene four minutes after the first 911 call and had the fire out 10 minutes after that. Flames did not spread to any other homes. Investigators are still looking for the cause.

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