Victims' children testify at Naso sentencing hearing


One by one, the children of Naso's victims took the stand and testified about the impact of their mothers' deaths.

Carmen Colon was 21 when Naso killed her and dropped her body in Port Costa in August of 1978. Wednesday, her daughters testified about their loss, about having no memories of their mom, and about being abused by their grandfather after their mother was no longer there to protect them.

Shane Ashby is the son of Roxene Roggasch, who was 18 when Naso killed her and dropped her body near Fairfax in January 1977.

"I think he's a monster and should be punished for the crimes he committed," he said.

Shane was just two years old at the time.

"You guys think about it, think about everything your mother's done with you since you been 2 years old," Ashby said. "Imagine life without your mother; there's no simple way to explain it."

Jamie Parsons was also 2 years old when her mother died. Naso killed Pam Parsons, 39, and dumped the body in an orchard in Yuba County. Jamie Parsons says her first memory was growing up in foster homes in Kentucky and that her mother's murder affects her relationships to this day.

In his opening statements, Naso said, "All of these victims, their families, their daughters, my heart goes out to them, but I am not responsible. I have no regrets."

He urged the jury not to give him the death penalty. But late Wednesday afternoon, the prosecution called a Marin County sheriff's investigator to add yet another victim to the case. Fifty-six-year-old Sharieea Patton's body was found on a remote Tiburon beach in January 1981. She lived in a San Francisco hotel that Naso managed, and prosecutors say several of his writings tie Naso to the murder.

Naso is acting as his own attorney, but demeanor has changed. He is no longer wearing a suit jacket or tie, and his snide comments are flying. But the judge almost fired him Wednesday after an outburst equating lawyers with prostitutes. And after the judge called a recess, Naso commented that the prosecutor needed to brush her hair. That was the last straw for the judge -- he warned Naso to "act his age" or face the consequences.

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