San Francisco Giants hold evacuation drill at AT&T Park


A new season means new security rules for football fans heading to games this weekend, and the San Francisco Giants staged a major drill on Saturday.

Sporting events and security, the two go hand in hand. The Giants really put that to the test, staging an emergency drill all in the name of keeping fans safe.

An announcement was made over the PA system, "May I have your attention please, we are evacuating the building."

It was only a test, but it looked and sounded like the real thing.

No fans were inside, but 800 Giants employees played along in this real-time evacuation of AT&T Park.

A suspect armed with a gun inside AT&T was the scenario. It sent some workers running for cover and others filing out to this safe meeting spot near the park. Giants bosses hope the same can be done with 40,000 plus fans inside.

"It's our priority; if we're not safe, we can't enjoy a baseball game or any event that goes on here at the park," Giants spokesperson Shana Doun said. "So we are continually testing our systems."

San Francisco 49ers fans packed Candlestick last weekend for their home opener, and found new NFL mandated rules; no backpacks and no large bags inside, but small clear bags are okay.

Oakland Raiders fans Ken Webb and Azel Grasty, AKA Afro-Desiac and the Oaktown Pirate, are ready for the new bag policy at Sunday's home opener versus Jacksonville. The increased security measures come in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings.

"What are you gonna do?" Webb said. "They've found a new way to terrorize people, so the league has to be responsible in responding to that."

When asked if the Oaktown Pirate is going to carry a clear bag, Grasty answered, "Well, the Oaktown Pirate has very little to carry cause I have to drop all my sidearms and leave them in the car anyhow."

Even a pirate knows that Raiders love their team and want to keep the game experience safe for all the fans.

Raider Nation season ticketholders are getting recorded phone messages this weekend, reminding them about the policy for Sunday's game.

As far as the Giants go, they say the drill went very well. The next time they hope to use several thousand fan volunteers.

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