Bay Area Red Cross members sent to Colorado


I talked with one Red Cross team member who just landed in Fort Collins, Colorado. That is in Larimer County, which has been hit hard by flooding.

She said about 1,000 people are hoping to be evacuated by helicopter out of stranded mountain communities. But it rained again Sunday, which didn't help those efforts.

"They can't run the helicopters in the rain, in this kind of weather," said Virginia Hart with the American Red Cross. "It's just too dangerous. So the people who were waiting to be airlifted have another night on the mountain."

As the disaster response continues, team coordinators expect more California Red Cross volunteers to be dispatched to Colorado. They will go to relieve local volunteers or set up additional shelters if needed.

This is the fourth day of the disaster response and the rains are continuing. So volunteers are bracing for the possibility of more flooding and an extended rebuilding effort.

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