49ers Vernon Davis: ABC7 News Special Access

Vernon's View - NFC Championship
"It's pretty devastating."
The season ends with a loss to the Seahawks in Seattle. Davis shares his immediate thoughts with ABC7's Mike Shumann right after the game. TE Vernon Davis tells ABC7 that he is proud of his teammates and the season they've had. Find out if he takes this NFC Championship loss harder than last year's Super Bowl loss by watching the last edition of Vernon's View.
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Vernon's View - 2014 NFC Divisional Playoff
"Coach, don't worry, it's in."
TE Vernon Davis was elated after the 49ers defeated the Panthers on Sunday. He walks ABC7's Larry Beil through his toe-tapping TD catch and they talk NFC Championships! The 49ers will have more offensive weapons going into Seattle for the NFC Championship game than they did at the beginning of the regular season. Lastly, don't miss Davis talking about Frank Gore's possible psychic powers in this week's Vernon's View!
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Vernon's View - 2014 NFC Wild Card
"This will be a great show."
The 49ers advance to the NFC divisional game against the Carolina Panthers! Davis says that because two great quarterbacks will be playing one another, it will be a great show. ABC7's Mike Shumann chatted with TE Vernon Davis by phone right after the NFC wild-card victory against the Packers in Green Bay. Davis highlighted the performances of QB Colin Kaepernick and veteran kicker Phil Dawson. He repeated that it is all about practice and coming up with a great game plan against the Panthers. Check out his responses!
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Vernon's View - Week 17:
"It's crunch time now."
While the Arizona Cardinals game win was still fresh in his mind, TE Vernon Davis talked about all the stand-out players on Sunday. The 49ers are on their way to their first round of playoffs against the Greenbay Packers at Lambeau Field and Davis tells ABC7's Mike Shumann how they'll approach the game.
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Vernon's View - Week 16:
"This team [Arizona Cardinals] is dangerous."
ABC7's Mike Shumann catches up with Vernon Davis right after the win against the Falcons on Monday Night Football. Davis is proud of NaVorro Bowman's performance and game-saving play. The 49ers advance to a record of 11-4 and have clinched a spot in the playoffs. The game against the Cardinals will be a challenging one because they are still fighting for a chance to be in the playoffs.
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Vernon's View - Week 15:
"Candlestick is where it all started for me."
The upcoming game against the Falcons will be the last home game for the 49ers at Candlestick Park. For TE Vernon Davis, it will be an emotional one and he tells ABC7's Mike Shumann what the stadium means to him. The 49ers improved to a 10-4 record after beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Florida and Davis shares which players he believes are the momentum builders. Watch his reaction when he finds out that teammate Michael Crabtree calls him one of the "old guys"!
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Vernon's View - Week 14:
"When we play them...it's fireworks!"
Vernon Davis talks to ABC7's Larry Beil about the rivalry between Seattle and San Francisco teams. The 49ers beat the Seahawks, who had only lost one game this season. Davis walks through some of the plays and has a lot to say about his teammates that made the win possible like Quarterback Colin Kaepernick and RB Frank Gore. He tells ABC7 that even if he does not get the ball every play, he can do many other things to help the team win. While the 49ers have their eyes set on the NFC Championship, there are still more games left to play. Davis says they'll keep "chipping away" and "the sky is the limit." Listen to the entire interview!
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Vernon's View - Week 13:
"We're extremely happy and ready for the next one!"
The 49ers beat the St. Louis Rams last Sunday and now have an 8 - 4 record. Davis tells ABC7's Mike Shumann that divisional games are always rough being that they face each other twice a season. They chat about his touchdown hurdle, Crabtree's return, next week's game against Seattle, the last two games at Candlestick and Davis shares his nickname for defensive leaders Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman!
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Vernon's View - Week 12:
"We're a team that can fight."
It was all smiles in the locker room after the 49ers dominated in Washington DC during Monday Night Football. Davis admits he was a little nervous playing near his home town in front of family and friends. He also talks about upcoming games and tells ABC7's Mike Shumann who the biggest practical joker is on the team!
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Vernon's View - Week 11:
"If we make mistakes, we make them together."
Vernon Davis tells ABC7's Mike Shumann that he does not put the blame on any one player for Sunday's loss against the Saints. Davis believes in the team and is not worried about how the season is going after two straight losses. He thinks Coach Harbaugh does a great job keeping the 49ers motivated. They have another long road trip ahead of them to Washtington D.C. and want a win for the Monday Night Football game!
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Vernon's View - Week 10:
"We have to go into the game like it's the Super Bowl."
ABC7's Mike Shumann and Vernon Davis talk about the Panther's game and what the team can do to better execute on the offensive end. Davis suffered a concussion and is still not yet sure if he will be playing next Sunday in New Orleans against the Saints. The 49ers will be going back to the place where they lost last year's Super Bowl and they are determined to play hard.
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Vernon's View - Week 8:
"They are experimenting with me."
Vernon Davis is having fun on the field, being able to play many different roles for the 49ers. The team just got back from a great game in London against the Jaguars and enter their bye week with a winning record, 6-2. ABC7's Mike Shumann gets some insider info on how Davis keeps in shape and what some of the players are like behind the scenes!
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Vernon's View - Week 7:
"It all starts in practice for us." >> VIDEO: Watch Vernon's insights from Week 7

Vernon's View - Week 6:
"I'm programmed to run."
Vernon Davis shared what was going on through his mind as he played one of the best games of his career. He even shows ABC7's Larry Beil his jump shot end zone celebration move!
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Vernon's View - Week 5:
On 49er Cornerback Tramaine Brock: "He got the opportunity, he stepped up, he made plays when we needed it."
Vernon Davis met up with ABC7's Mike Shumann after the home game win against the Houston Texans. Davis thanked the 49er defense and talked about how he was aware of Cornerback Brock's potential during practice. As far as the next game, Vernon says, "We can't lose our focus."
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Vernon's View - Week 4:
"It's an honor to be able to go out here and turn it around after that loss."
ABC7's Mike Shumann talked to Vernon Davis right after the win against the Rams. Davis talked about his touchdown reception and gives credit to QB Colin Kaepernick, RB Frank Gore and the offensive line.
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Vernon's View - Week 3:
"We just need to stay in it."
Vernon Davis sat out of the game against the Colts with a hamstring injury -- it's the first game he's missed since 2007. He stresses the importance of building quarterback and wide receiver chemistry.
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Vernon's View - Week 2:
"We look forward to the next challenge."
Davis had to leave the game in the second half with a tight left hamstring. The loss to the Seattle Seahawks will take some time to digest.
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Vernon's View - Week 1:
"We'll do anything for each other."
After a home game win against the Packers, 49ers TE Vernon Davis tells ABC7's Mike Shumann what makes this particular group of players so special.
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