Priest resigns after saying he has unborn child

Former priest Dean McFalls

September 25, 2013 9:41:30 AM PDT
A Roman Catholic priest in Stockton has resigned after telling his parishioners that he's the father an unborn child.

Dean McFalls made his announcement during mass at Saint Mary's church this past weekend. McFalls said he talked openly about what's going on because he didn't want people guessing. The church forbids priests from marrying or having children.

"I believe in my life, I'm accepting a reality that's been a part of me from beginning but whatever the case, our ministers, priests we're always under attack as well from the devil from the world from our own weakness," said McFalls.

McFalls believes the church would be better off if priests were allowed to marry. He hasn't revealed who the child's mother is or if he'll marry her.