Teenager killed in San Francisco rollover accident identified

September 28, 2013 12:35:23 PM PDT
The 16-year-old teenager who was killed in a rollover accident in SF"s Pacific Heights on Friday has been identified. He was on his way to Lincoln High with his mom and sister when police say a speeding driver slammed into their van, killing him Friday morning. His fellow students are struggling to process what happened.

This was a morning crash that left a scene of crumpled cars and killed Kevin San. He was a passenger in a minivan that was hit by a speeding silver Mercedes.

Word quickly spread at Abraham Lincoln High School that one of their students was in that crash.

"A Junior or a senior that passed away. I didn't know who it was. And there was a guy at our class that was missing, it was Kevin San," classmate Haitao Zhang said.

"We sat next each other in home room for the last three years. We would talk a lot, we'd help each other with homework, we'd play games together," student Omar Sinata said.

Fellow students describe San as an avid bicyclist and an active member of the JROTC Drum Corp.

A candle and some flowers have already been set up just feet from where the fatal crash happened.

San's mother, sister and three other people were injured and taken to the hospital.

Witnesses say the silver Mercedes Benz came careening down Gough Street before it rear-ended the minivan waiting at the red light at Pine and Gough.

"I saw the car going fast, but there was another car sitting there, a van was sitting there, and it got bopped, and I watched it flip over," witness Tanya Smith said.

The driver of the silver Mercedes was not seriously injured.

Police say the driver of the Mercedez may have been speeding at about 80 mph.

Officer's spotted the speeding SUV, but had little time to react.