Car repair startup expands to inspection service

SAN FRANCISCO won the TechCrunch Disrupt prize last year for sending mechanics to users instead making them go to the shop for simple car repairs. But beyond just fixing cars, some customers began using it for something else.

"Lots of people were asking for mechanics to go to the shops or go to customer locations and perform a pre-purchase inspection," YourMechanic CEO Art Agrawal said.

So Agrawal says they took that and ran with it. They've launched an inspection service where a mechanic can go with you to a dealership or a seller's house and inspect a used car with a thorough, standardized checklist.

"Every mechanic was doing it differently and now it's like every mechanic is doing it the exact same way, so customers know what to expect," Agrawal said.

The inspection cost about $100 depending on the model of the car. In some cases, it could pay for itself by helping potential buyers knock a few bucks off the sticker price.

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