7 On Your Side tests Hone device


This is a very cool device that works off of the low strength Bluetooth standard. Let's see if it is for you.

The key fob will make it harder for your keys to get lost. It is one part of an app based system called hone. Put it on your key chain and searching for your keys goes high tech. The website claims you will never your lose your keys again, that the hone can find your keys if you get within 150 feet.

Geoffrey Litwack is Hone's co-creator. He told us via Skype, "It gives you a signal strength reading, so it is sort of like Marco Polo. Did you ever play that game when you were a little kid?"

We decided to test that high tech game. We hide the keys in the ABC 7 lobby, and then have Seven On Your Side staffer Noelle Garcia come in with the app and search for the keys.

She wanders around a bit, but the closer she gets the more the app reacts. It beeps and vibrates as you get closer to your keys.

"Then the arrows started going up, meaning I am closer to the keys," said Garcia.

It works and the Hone guys are serious about you never losing your keys again.

"If the battery is dying you get a little text message a couple weeks in advance say your battery is low," said Litwack.

Finney: "Would you recommend it to someone?"
Garcia: "Yes, definitely to my friends or my parents who do lose their keys quit often, something that is great to have."

The Hone sells for about $59.00.

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