Fit mom responds to "haters"


The photo showed Maria Kang in a bra top and short shorts posing with her young children with the caption, "What's your excuse?" It was taken eight months after the birth of her third child.

Kang received some positive comments, but also less friendly remarks, calling her a bully and accusing her of fat-shaming. One even called her a bad mother.

She recently reposted the photo with what she calls a "non-apology."

"I never called you fat, I never said that you were a bad mother, I never said what's your excuse for not looking like me, I never said anything like that. I just came out and said you need to own the thoughts you put in your own head because I didn't put it there, you did," Kang said.

Kang also has a message for all women, "Be healthy because you love your child."

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