Former quarterback Brett Favre reveals memory loss

"One of the few times I went blank there for a while in my career," Favre said describing the last hit he took on the football field. There wasn't much that rattled future Hall of Famer Favre during his 20-year NFL career but in the three years since he's played football, he now admits it's what's happening off the field that scares him.

Favre told ESPN Radio he is experiencing memory loss.

"I think after 20 years, god only knows the toll," Favre said. "This was a little shocking to me, that I couldn't remember my daughter playing youth soccer."

Favre was sacked 525 times in his career. That's the most for any quarterback since the NFL began keeping those statistics in 1982.

"I want to live a long time. I want to live healthy, as close to normal life as I can," Favre said.

ESPN has reported on the science of concussions claiming that 60 percent are the result of helmet-to-helmet hits. The NFL has instituted new rules and penalties for these types of hits and will pay out more than three quarters of a billion dollars to former players to settle a lawsuit without admitting any guilt.

"For the NFL, this reopens the whole thing again. The conversation is now front and center. We are squarely in the concussion era in sports and their culture and Brett Farve is now the poster child, if you will, for this issue," USA Today writer Christine Brennan said.

Despite that flattering phone call from the Rams, this legendary player has made it clear he has no plans to return to the NFL.

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