Graton Resort and Casino set for Tuesday opening


It's hard to believe. The land used to be a cow pasture. Now, it will be the site of the largest casino in California. It looks a lot like a Nevada gaming casino. The Graton Resort and Casino is Indian gaming like the state has never seen…

It cost $800 million to build. It features 3,000 slot machines and almost 150 gaming tables. It could generate an estimated $500 million in annual revenue within three years. The project has created some 2,000 new jobs, some of them local business ventures.

The best backstory might be a family-owned Mexican restaurant called La Fondita. They came to America 25 years ago. They began with a food truck but now, Gustabo Cazares and his family have a restaurant, an opportunity. One might call it a case of gambling on multiple levels – until they taste the food. It's pretty good.

The casino is scheduled to open at 10 a.m. Tuesday.

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