Roman numerals on senior class sweatshirt have gang ties


It all revolves around the Roman numerals XIV stamped on the sweatshirt.

They represent 14 for the class of 2014 at Cosumnes Oaks High School in Elk Grove. But some parents say the numbers have a deeper meaning.

The number 14 is often associated with the Nortenos gang.

School administrators say students innocently chose the design.

"It was vetted by a number of people, but those individuals did not know about the connection," said Liz Graswhich with the Elk Grove Unified School District.

"That's baloney," parent Anna Trejo said. "I mean, really? You got the cops here. I mean, they even know it."'

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Gang Unit notified the school of the possible gang connection.

School officials say they are notifying parents of that and offering a refund.

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