Supervisor calls for hearing on San Francisco construction work


Last year, about 854 blocks of city streets were re-paved, the highest on record, and more than 900 are expected to be done this year.

From the Marina to the Mission and just about everywhere in between, they are tearing up the streets of San Francisco. What they're doing are various infrastructure projects. The city is replacing the century-old sewer system, improving the water mains, and resurfacing streets.

"At the end of three years, over 2,300 blocks will be paved. One in every five blocks in San Francisco will get some sort of improvement to their streets," explained San Francisco Department of Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru.

Nuru says it's like Christmas for the city, bringing jobs along with new amenities. The voters passed bond measures and the board approved other funding to get this long overdue work underway, but when you add in PG&E pipeline upgrades and private contractors, all this can be a headache.

"It's making me late too work," one person told ABC7 News.

Supervisor Scott Wiener says the work is vital, but disruptive. "At times, residents and businesses don't have information about what's going on, what the timing is. Why work appears to be starting and stopping," he said.

On Tuesday, Wiener will call for a hearing. He wants more coordination among city agencies and private contractors and more communication with those of us caught in the tie-ups.

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