7 On Your Side reveals strategies for Cyber Monday shopping

It's like the pumpkin pie after dinner on Thanksgiving. No sooner did shoppers finish devouring bargains in the stores. Now, millions will go online to get more sweet deals on Cyber Monday. This year the event has stretched to nearly a week of digital door busters.

Some folks love the chaos, the thrill of the hunt and the festive atmosphere of Black Friday shopping. However, other people do not.

"I don't go out on Black Friday, I do it all online," one shopper said.

"Cyber Monday, that is fantastic. You don't have to worry about fighting traffic or all the other drama of shopping," another shopper said.

Best of all, Cyber Monday savings can be as big as the deals in the stores.

"Consumers are gonna be bombarded with sales and discounts and promotions, as they already have for Black Friday," Deal News spokesperson Mark Locastro said.

Locastro works at DealNews.com, which tracks holiday sales every year. He says you'll find thousands more deals online, but fewer discounts on TV's and gadgets.

"A bulk of the deals on consumer electronics actually started one week before Black Friday. And it does trickle into Cyber Monday, however the volume is just not as high," Locastro said.

Instead, he says you'll have a golden opportunity to fill your closet on a budget.

"Cyber Monday is the undefeated heavyweight champion when it comes to clothing and shoe deals," he said.

Locastro says, you can expect mark-downs of 20 to 80 percent across a retailer's website. The challenge is to pinpoint the best deals when the Internet is so vast.

"I think the best tactic is to know what you're shopping for, make a list, if you have specific brands or retailers that you like sign up for their newsletter," he said.

Locastro says sign up to get instant email alerts when a product goes on sale. Or follow a retailer on social media to get alerts and coupons. He also says that if you want to shop on Cyber Monday get online a day early.

"So on Cyber Sunday. And all these deals typically are released really early in the morning and because the hottest deals for the most part sell out really quickly, if there's something you gotta have, something on your wish list it's really wise to shop early on Sunday morning," Locastro said.

Cyber fans say at least they're not camping out in front of the store.

"You know go out at midnight, which for some people is an attraction, for me it would not be," one shopper said.

We also found most retailers are offering free shipping and free returns for most of the Cyber Monday deals. It's something you want to check out to be sure you're saving.

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