Police investigating fatal hit-and-run in San Mateo


One driver stopped about 50 yards up the street. The second driver drove away, but later contacted investigators to tell them what they had done.

A tattered backpack, black shoes and what appears to be a bag of recyclable materials were scattered across the southbound lanes of El Camino Real.

Police say that an adult man, possibly in his late 40's, died after being hit by a car while crossing near the Highway 92 entrance just after 6 a.m.

"We immediately began to close up some of the on ramps to Highway 92," San Mateo Police Department Sgt. Dave Norris said.

The impact to drivers starting their morning commute was immediate. Traffic was reduced to a single lane and San Mateo traffic control officers directed drivers to go west on Highway 92, keeping them clear of the crime scene just yards ahead.

Police say more than one car was involved.

"We believe there were two vehicles involved that hit this victim. I don't know what the exact order was of the two vehicles. I know that one stopped and one didn't initially and that person is now cooperating with us," Norris said.

At this time, police are still classifying this as a hit-and-run. Neither driver has been charged with a crime.

Police say they are aware of a homeless encampment near the area, but are not sure that the victim was associated with that encampment.

They are still trying to identify the victim and find out where he may have been going.

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