No injuries after dump truck crashes into Cupertino home


There were no injuries, but the damage is quite an unbelievable sight.

The dump truck crashed into a home on Foothill Boulevard in Cupertino.

It happened at 6:20 a.m. on Foothill Boulevard between Stevens Creek Boulevard and Voss Avenue.

Police say it's a miracle the driver of this dump truck walked away from this early morning crash. The cab of the truck was hard to even see among the debris of the garage it destroyed.

The employee of the corner liquor store was the first to get to the scene.

"I heard a guy yelling and I went outside and then this happened and the guys were sleeping upstairs and they said that they went downstairs. The guy was working his way out of the car," witness John Gnidk said.

There were two people inside the home at the time, but no one was in the garage.

"They were sleeping, actually the people that are at the house right now were house sitting and so they have explaining to do," Gnidk said.

The two people who were inside did not want to comment. Neighbors say the crash was so loud it woke them up.

"We were surprised, actually we were wondering why it happened first thing in the morning, but kind of glad in a way. If it had happened later maybe there would've been someone there," witness Vamsi Gunturu said.

Deputies with the sheriff's department are still trying to figure out why this happened.

"I will say that we don't believe alcohol is a factor in this collision," a police sergeant said.

The truck driver told that first witness what he thinks went wrong.

"He said he lost control, so the steering went out. I don't know why he went that way, but that's what happened," Gnidk said.

This is a main street for dump trucks. The quarry is down the street, so police officers are presuming that's where the truck driver was headed to pick up a load.

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