Little girl writes apology letter to store after breaking ornament

The manager at John Lewis's branch in Cambridge tweeted a photo of the note on Dec. 3. He wanted to thank Faith, but there was no return address on the letter. So, he took to Twitter.

In Faith's letter, she wrote, "To John Lewis Cambridge. I'm sorry I broke a Christmas bauble on Saturday. It cost two pounds. Here is the money for it. Sorry again." It was signed "Faith, aged 5."

She taped two one-pound coins to the letter to pay for the ornament.

Twitter users re-tweeted the note more than 200 times, using the hash tag #FindFaith, to encourage others to help find the girl. Several news stories carried the story.

Faith's mother got in touch with the retailer after seeing the news reports.

In an interview with the London Evening Standard newspaper, the manager thanked everyone who joined the effort to find the little girl.

"We wanted to have the opportunity to say thank you and we have now been able to do that. We hope Faith and her family have a very merry Christmas," he said.

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