Texas teen given probation in DUI crash that killed four


Ethan Couch drove with a blood alcohol level three times the legal adult limit.

Instead of the 20 years behind bars that he faced, Couch got 10 years of probation.

His lawyer argued that the boy's wealthy parents were actually to blame, because Couch was used to getting whatever he wanted. That includes starting to drive at 13 and being allowed to drink.

One man whose brother was paralyzed in that accident is angry.

To me, it's not right," said Alex Lumas. "If he goes out and drinks and drives again and kills some more people, okay, now we put you in prison."

He questions how the teen only received ten years of probation for an act so reckless.

Couch's attorneys argued that the teen needs treatment. The judge agreed, saying she doesn't think he could get the therapy he needs in jail.

The teen may end up at a long-term, high-end treatment center in Newport Beach, which costs $450,000 a year. The family would foot the bill.

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