Tickets snatched up for next $550M Mega Millions drawing


The last Mega Millions drawing was Friday night. Lottery officials say no one matched all of the numbers in the drawing Friday night.

The numbers drawn were: 19-24-26-27-70, Mega Ball: 12.

The next one is Tuesday. But people are not wasting any time to get in on the lotto action.

On Saturday night there was a steady stream of people walking out with multiple tickets.

Of course, any time the lottery jackpot grows to such big numbers, people flock to Kavanugh's Liquors in San Lorenzo.

A few people I talked to said they bought tickets for Friday night's drawing and of course they struck out along with everyone else. But they made it a point to come here Saturday to make sure they're in on the Tuesday drawing.

The Mega Millions underwent a major game revamp in October in an effort to grow bigger jackpots in a shorter amount of time. But it also decreased the odds of a person winning the top prize to about 1 in 259 million. It was previously about 1 in 176 million, nearly the same odds as winning the Powerball jackpot.

Lotto ticket buyers don't seem to mind the new rules.

"I like it," Jeannette Tucker said. "The bigger the better. Wouldn't you like more than less?"

San Lorenzo resident Greg Davis added, "Well, I guess the chances are a little bit harder, but the payout will be a little better for somebody."

A few of these people drove all the way up from San Jose to buy their ticket from Kavanaugh's. This place has a reputation for selling lucky tickets -- five multi-million dollar jackpots have been awarded here over the last few years.

The jackpot now is expected to reach $550 million for the next drawing. The largest Mega Millions jackpot ever was a $656 million jackpot in March 2012.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)

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