BART makes no progress on contract talks


The holidays are here, but things are not very merry at BART headquarters where they've been trying to solve the contract dispute. The unions posted a sign on a window there saying their dispute has actually lasted 220 days, since right around the time the previous contract expired. Friday was day 5 of negotiations between BART and its unions. The session appeared to be a quiet one unlike Thursday's fireworks when new BART Board President Joel Keller announced that he plans to pursue a ballot measure banning public transit strikes. Unions weren't happy with those comments and on Friday, no one was talking. Both sides are trying to resolve a contract dispute about a paid family leave provision that BART claims was a mistake. In a written statement, a BART spokesperson said, "Today, staff is continuing to work to problem solve and come up with options to be considered at the table." BART riders hope the contract glitch can be solved. "The way I look at it, it's like when you get your credit card statement. You know it's long and boring, but you got to read it," BART rider Vincent May told ABC7 News. Other riders like Cindy Owens fear that a strike could happen if there's no solution. "I like to just be able to get up in the morning and know that I can get on BART and go to work," Cindy Owens said. "Please, somebody, fix it." No new talks have been scheduled through the holidays.

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