30 arrests during Monday night game at The Stick


Tailgaters started early in the day -- displaying their red and gold, and preparing for what turned out to be an epic game between the 49ers and the Atlanta Falcons. The Monday Night Football game was a complete sellout as thousands showed up to pay their respects before the 53-year-old stadium is torn down.

Most fans behaved and heeded the message repeated by officials before the game -- respect The Stick. They showed up early, showing off their red and gold pride, grilling, and hanging out with fellow fans before the big face-off with the Falcons.

However, a few fans went out of bounds. One man told ABC7 he "definitely got a few new mementos for the closet." Some other fans thought it would be a good idea to try and steal some seats from the Stick. They made it out of the main gate and into the parking lot before police caught up with them.

The San Francisco Police Department reported Tuesday morning that in all, 81 people were ejected from the stadium, 7 people were cited, and 30 people were arrested. Some of the arrests were for property destruction and more than a few people spent the night in a holding cell for public intoxication. At least one person was injured.

There were also reports of people being turned away from the game because they had counterfeit tickets.

Police say they are investigating other infractions and may make additional arrests.

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