Yale student expected to set world record in Antarctica

Parker Liautaud, 19, is set to become the youngest person to reach both the North and the South Poles on foot.

He's already been to the North Pole.

Now, Liautaud and his partner are braving the wilds of Antarctica.

Liautaud spoke to Good Morning America during his 19-day journey.

"We're pulling our sled 11 hours a day and it could be through sunshine or 40 knot winds," he said.

Liautaud's sled weighs 176 pounds and he needs to travel 397 additional miles to reach his goal.

He's also conducting research into the impact of climate change during his trek.

Temperatures have dipped as low as 89 degrees below zero.

"New Haven Pizza is the first thing I'm going to have when I get home, " said Liautaud, who is subsisting on ramen noodles and oatmeal for now.

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