San Francisco police crackdown after car vs. pedestrian collisions


The Bush Street corridor was crawling with motorcycle units throughout Friday. Officers employed zero tolerance traffic enforcement and used LIDAR, a device which employs lasers to check the speeds of the cars.

Police were stopping cars left and right here on the Bush Street corridor in lower Nob Hill. They also cited jaywalkers.

This major city thoroughfare has become a dangerous road for pedestrians.

Dr. Stacey Harris was hit by a car in November here at Bush and Hyde.

"And a car here was turning left," she said. "Knocked me out, knocked me unconscious."

Early Thursday night, a young man was struck by a car as he jaywalked across Bush Street near the intersection at Leavenworth. He is listed in critical condition.

Then on Friday, another pedestrian accident took place just a block away. This time a man was hit as he ran onto the crosswalk at Bush and Hyde just as the car was turning left toward him.

Alexandra Sullivan saw the whole thing.

"The car just hits him so hard that he just flies out of the crosswalk and lands over there, he's just laying on the ground," she said.

SFPD Commander Mikail Ali says the pedestrian, who's in serious condition, literally ran into the path of the moving SUV.

"In coming to a crosswalk and suddenly walking into the roadway is unsafe and in fact is a violation of the vehicle code," he said.

The two accidents here on Bush and two others on nearby streets since New Year's Eve prompted Commander Ali to order immediate traffic enforcement action.

"We're going to go do a two to three hour enforcement just to kind of re-emphasize zero tolerance for any violations of the law, whether they're pedestrian, bicyclists, motorists," he said.

The police operation involved motorcycle units and patrol officers from two police district stations.

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