UC Berkeley preparing for busy flu season


"Once they come back, we will have what we call pop-up flu clinics, where its short periods of time where they can just come in without an appointment and we can give them vaccinations, so that we can take care of a large number of students who might be interested in a short period of time," said UC Berkeley Assoc. Dir. of Public Health Pam Cameron.

They decided to do the pop-up clinics when they heard the swine flu was back.

"We did it in the past. We did it in 2009 when H1N1 first showed up and in one clinic we vaccinated 600 people in two hours," said Cameron.

Although health officials strongly encourage and promote the flu vaccine, it sounds like they need to do more outreach. No one ABC7 News talked with on campus is vaccinated.

"I haven't thought about that. Yeah, I guess I should get a flu shot, but I'm not very concerned," said UC Berkeley student Judith Lenglet.

One woman's husband is home sick with the flu, but she does not want to be vaccinated.

"We never do. I haven't felt the need to get it and I don't like needles so I don't want to get it," Melissa Brown, works near UC Berkeley campus.

"A flu shot is our number one mechanism for reducing the spread of flu in the population. So we are always encouraging that every season," said Cameron.

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