SF mayor calls for end to illegal behavior at main library


Library officials have faced a range of complaints in recent months including assaults, drug use, public exposure, and vandalism.

"There were some high profile incidents," San Francisco Library spokesperson Michelle Jeffers said. "And so we want to be quick and respond to them and also be responsive to anybody who feels unsafe. We want to make sure they don't feel that way coming to the main library."

The mayor has announced a zero-tolerance policy at the library and the enforcement of a drug-free zone around the building.

San Francisco police will assist library security in enforcing the rules.

"We've had reports of, you know, somebody threw a chair," SFPD Chief Greg Suhr said. "And they actually have signs that say no weapons, drug use, or sex in the bathroom. That should be a no-brainer. Just the outside was to the point where you had to walk sort of a gauntlet to get in."

City officials say they want the library to return to a place where parents and children feel comfortable.

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