Vallejo residents devastated by mobile home park fire


Officials think that some people who were in one home, but shouldn't have been, in a flash started a fire that wrecked the lives of the people next door.

When Vallejo resident Stacey Stovall woke up in the middle of the night and looked out her window she saw huge flames and smoke. She and her son made it out okay, but the fire did spread to their home.

"I'm just flipping out because everything's gone," she said.

When firefighters arrived, they called a second alarm because wind was blowing embers toward an apartment complex

"We started knocking on doors, but ended up not evacuating them because we got it knocked down pretty quickly," said Battalion Chief Cliff Campbell.

The fire burned one mobile home to the ground. No one lives there, but neighbors say transients often break in and stay there. The home's owner says the issue has been very frustrating for him.

"This is sad," homeowner Mohammed Hussain said. "I have had other people in the past try to break in. I was always afraid of something like this."

In the daylight, Stovall was allowed to walk through the home and retrieve what she could before they condemned it. The home once belonged to her mother, who has passed away.

"I'm just trying to find the rest of my mom's jewelry," Stovall said. "She had wedding rings in there from when her and my dad got married, so I'm trying to find those. Cause we lived here for 20 years, this is everything, I don't know how you start over."

Investigators have just about finished going through the huge pile of rubble. They say that at this point they have not been able to find a cause.

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