Bay Area postal workers protest in San Francisco


Postal employees are worried about losing their jobs because people can now mail packages and buy stamps at Staples.

This is the first protest in the nation, but postal workers promise there will be more

The pilot program with Staples allows Staples employees, not postal employees, to sell products and offer services people usually have to go to the post office for. Postal officials say it just makes sense to go to where people shop and that nearly half of their transactions take place away from the post office already.

But workers are nervous about what this means for the future. A spokesman for the group said:

"The postal service is doing everything it can to stay in business, this is better for our business and our employees because it allows us to stay viable."

They say the post office is about $5 billion in the red, so it makes sense to use an existing business like Staples that is already staffed to try and sell their product.

This program will not cost any postal workers their jobs but people worry that it will eventually. Another protest is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon in San Jose.

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