New Zealand doctor stiches up own shark bite wound


Dr. James Grant, 24, was spearfishing with friends off New Zealand's South Island when he was attacked. Grant used a knife to stab at the shark until it let go. Then he grabbed a first aid kit from his car and stitched up the two-inch bites himself.

At the local tavern, they served him a pint of beer and a bandage.

"I think I must have been pretty adrenalized because I couldn't really feel it at the time," said Grant.

"Gave him a pint of beer and his mates were kicking around laughing. And pulled out the first aid kit and got a little bandage out," said Warren Bevin, the tavern co-owner.

Grant eventually went to the hospital where he works to get proper stitches. And he was back on the job on Monday.

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