Rockslide damages vehicles on 101 in Marin County


The morning commute was off to a slow, soggy start in Marin County. Rain was welcome sight, but it created a hazard for drivers especially those caught in the middle of a rockslide. Large rocks and gravel came down onto southbound 101 near the Waldo Tunnel overnight slamming into several cars.

The impact shredded Jeff Tabbert's tire and broke one of his rims in two. "I was heading to work and came around the corner and boulders came down the hill and I hit one of the boulders, and it blew my tire and it blew my rim to pieces," he said, adding that it was "very unsettling."

Jeff's car had to be towed. Hours later, the mess was cleared but CHP was keeping an eye out for more movement of earth. Slides are not usual during winter storms. Last year, rocks came down on an ABC7 News crew near the very same spot during a live report during the morning news.

Tour bus driver Robert Benavidez is always looking for road hazards and rockslides when it rains in Marin County -- where nature and freeway often collide. "You just got to be very cautious and keep your eyes open and slow down, respect the rain. You can get very hurt if you don't respect the rain," he said.

No injuries were reported Thursday. Caltrans said they were aware of the rockslide and plan to survey the area over the next couple of days to determine if rockslide fencing needs to be installed at the location.

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