Men honored for rescuing woman in SF Bay


"She did something that we kind of joke around and you never want to do, which is step backwards," said San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.

Lee said Sho Uging, a tourist from Taiwan, was taking pictures on a pier near the Golden Gate Bridge last January when she fell into the frigid waters of the Bay. Aaron Shiansky, who lives in the city and Sibo Luo, an international student from China, jumped into the water to rescue her.

"They didn't know each other, yet they acted as we would think all San Franciscans would act, which is with a big heart, without thinking about the danger to themselves," said Lee.

"I was trained as an ocean lifeguard. I did it for many years back in South Carolina. I actually have a foot injury and I was contemplating whether or not to go in and when I saw the situation kind of deteriorate I decided that I needed to go in," said Aaron Shiansky, rescued tourist.

"I do not consider it so much because it is a personal life and I don't think about whether the water is cold or not," said Sibo Luo, rescued tourist.

First responders showed up and together the woman was plucked from the water.

"Without a moment's hesitation they jumped in, saved her, brought her out, she was unconscious when they got her out and she was actually in a coma at the hospital for a couple of days and now she is 100 percent," said San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr.

She's now back in her native Taiwan.

A third Good Samaritan also was recognized for his efforts in the rescue. He lives in the East Coast and was not able to attend today's ceremony.

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