Man driving stolen U-Haul crashes in Oakland


That pickup smashed into three cars at 14th Avenue and 30th Street, across the street from Highland Hospital.

It also sheared a utility pole, knocking out power in the area.

"Witnesses tell us they think the vehicle was going about 90 miles an hour on this curve, apparently too fast for the curve," said Oakland Police Lt. Henderson Jordan. "He over corrects, first he strikes the sidewalk there and collides with those three cars."

"I guess he wanted to try to get away," witness Melvin Minnifield sid. "And then someone helped him down, but as he got down his legs were like noodles and he had to kind of like sit on that ugly chair that's sitting there and then they took him to the hospital."

There's no word on the man's condition.

Police say that they smelled alcohol on his breath when he arrived at the scene.

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