Couple app keeps lovers digitally connected


Oleg and Anton are two guys who were in long distance relationships.

"We found ourselves, kind of, caught up with work and totally disconnected from our partners back home," said Couple Co-Founder Oleg Kostour.

So they built an app called Couple, a secret social network just for people and their partners.

"To keep you close and kind of connected you when you're apart," said Couple Co-Founder Anton Krutiansky.

There's messaging and photo sharing and people can blur certain photos.

"You can set something as secret, and it wouldn't be seen unless you tap and hold the image," said Kostour.

"A thumb kiss, which is a way that you can actually see where your partner's touching the screen, and digitally touch through your phones," said Kostour.

It earned Couple a mention by Randi Zuckerberg on Katie. Actress Lindsay Lohan tweeted about it. And the Wall Street Journal ranked Couple their favorite among apps for two.

Couple's been getting a lot of attention, not just from the media but from investors, earning enough money to pick up and move from Canada to a new office in San Francisco.

"We actually raised about $4.2 million out of Y Combinator two years ago; we had some fantastic investors," said Kostour.

Including actor Ashton Kutcher; despite the fact that Couple doesn't make any money.

"Companies end up coming up with really creative ways to get their revenue," said VentureB eat's Jolie O'Dell.

O'Dell thinks Couple will be fine. She uses couple with her husband.

"I would never want anyone publicly to see the stuff that I send back and forth with my husband. Not [because] it's obscene, just [because] it's cutesy and stupid," she said.

"Everything that leaves the app is encrypted and everything's secure in our servers as well," said Krutiansky.

"We have a pin on the app so you can actually lock it in case someone gets your phone," said Kostour.

Peace of mind, so people can focus on happily ever after.

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