Golden Gate Bridge gets boost in revenue due to toll fines


The Golden Gate Bridge has an all-electronic toll system.

At least 60,000 cars pass through the toll plaza every day and those without Fas Trak get a bill in the mail and then have to remember to pay it on time.

However, people aren't paying those $6 tolls when they come in the mail, which means a potential windfall of millions for the cash-strapped district in unpaid fines.

All electronic-toll taking has been on duty at the Golden Gate Bridge for nearly a year and some drivers still long for the old days when real toll takers took your cash.

"We like people to have jobs and be able to pay your toll right there in cash. That way, you don't have to worry about something coming in the mail," commuter Jaskarn Dobol said.

It's a $25 fine if you don't pay within 30 days and $70 after 60 days.

For the first four months of operation, more than 290,489 violations were issued and 118,089 were paid. But 144, 359 are still outstanding, which could mean a windfall of $10 million for the bridge district.

"Many of those violations are either going to be waived because we are being a kind and gentler organization. We want people to get the system and understand it, so if you call up and say 'I never got my toll violation' we're going to take you on your word and say 'OK' and then we'll waive that fee. We're also going to ask that you join the Fas Trak system. We'll waive the fee if you join the Fas Trak system," Golden Gate Bridge spokesperson Mary Currie said.

The district says it could take up to a year to collect or resolve a toll violation. If you don't pay, it could prevent you from re-registering your car at the DMV.

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