Muni planning to raise fares for public transportation


The financial plan would cover spending at the agency for the next two years and everything from free rides for seniors to possible fare hikes. Parts of this proposal could see fares on the F-line go from $2 to $6 each way.

Getting around the city could get a lot more expensive. How does $2.25 for single-ride fares paid in cash sound? That's a 25-cent hike over the current rate, and there's more. There's a proposal to hike the rate for the F-line from $2 to $6 one-way. That could be a tough squeeze for a lot of people.

"$6 is a bit ridiculous. $2.50, $3 maybe, $6 is crazy," said Jamie She, a Muni rider.

"That's one of the ideas that's on the table," said San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency spokesman Paul Rose.

Rose says the proposals are only ideas at this point and in order to expand service or create new programs, everything must be on the table.

"There aren't any set priorities or established priorities for this budget. What we're looking at right now is having a public hearing for feedback and input from the community," said Rose.

According to Rose, raising the fare to $6 bucks on the F-line could raise as much as $4.9 million and hiking the cost of cable car visitor passports would rake in more than $1.5 million.

It's a fee tourist Lisa Posada from New York says she won't mind paying. She told us, "I think this is a fair price. It cost like $14 to go through the Holland Tunnel. Pay yeah, $6? Yeah you know, $8? Yeah, that's alright."

The MTA, which overseas everything connected to transportation in San Francisco, will hold its first public hearing on Tuesday, where the public will have an opportunity to tell Muni what they really want most.

"They need to be on-time and more regular," said She.

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