Mom expecting triplets gives birth to identical quadruplets

February 17, 2014 9:26:39 PM PST
A Mississippi woman and her doctor got a big surprise, just days before Valentine's Day. She was expecting triplets, but that changed when she delivered her babies three months early. Kimberly Fugate, 42, actually had identical quadruplets -- all girls.

The pregnancy was unplanned and the quadruplets were conceived without fertility treatments, an extremely rare occurrence. Doctors say the odds are one in 13 million, with only 60 cases documented in medical history.

"Well they had delivered three babies, and I heard them say "extra feet,'" Fugate said.

The girls, named Kristen, Kayleigh, Kelsey, and Kenleigh, are in intensive care right now.

Mom says she hopes she'll be able to take them home in May.