Man claims self-defense in fatal San Jose shooting


"It was just gunshots that I heard, not that many, and then just next thing I know the cops came and they closed out the street, they had everyone on lockdown," neighbor Fabiola Miranda said.

Miranda was having dinner when gunfire erupted on Pine Ridge Way around 8 p.m. Wednesday.

Another neighbor, Paul Sousa, arrived home a few hours later.

"They searched my yard, they searched my house, they searched the back," Sousa said. "They were looking for weapons."

A man who lives at this house told police that someone had shot at his house and was trying to break in. He says he got his own gun, fired back in the direction of the shots, and called 911.

When police arrived the intruder was gone, apparently having sped off in a car with at least one other person.

A short time later, a man was dropped off at a hospital with at least one gunshot wound and he died.

"After further investigation, they determined that the subject at hospital was related to incident that occurred here on Pine Ridge Way," Officer Albert Morales said.

Police say there is evidence someone fired on the house, but they only have the resident's version of events.

They need more witnesses to come forward, and they're possibly looking for others who were involved in the crime.

"Right now, we're looking for anybody, really," Officer Morales said. "We don't know whether there were two people, three people. Again, a vehicle was seen leaving the scene at a high rate of speed, so again one can assume maybe were more people in that vehicle."

Longtime residents are not surprised by the violence.

"I'm sure it happened for a reason," Sousa said. "I'm sure it didn't just happen out of nowhere."

The man who lives at the home was not hurt in the shooting.

The person who was killed is only described as a Hispanic male in his early 20s.

Police say that at this exact moment nobody is in custody, but that can change.

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