Bay Area protesters show support for loved ones in Venezuela

A largely female crowd gathered in support of President Nicolas Maduro. They wore red shirts to represent the colors of his socialist party.

Debris covered the streets after protests against Maduro's government. His opponents want him to resign unless he can resolve problems like rising crime and galloping inflation.

Closer to home, people linked arms along the Golden Gate Bridge to show their solidarity with loved ones living in Venezuela.

"It's government corruption," protester Rossana Urdaneda said. "Like, there's no money, there's no jobs. There's no, like, people can't feed their kids. And on top of that, people are protesting, but non-violently and they're getting killed for it."

"Security is bad," protester Rannis Rojas said. "Economy, everything, no food, no nothing, no toilet paper, really!"

Organizers of Sunday's protests want the U.S. government to consider imposing economic sanctions against Venezuela.

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