Food truck and catering business owners facing criminal charges


The office of Gourmet Rockstars in Fremont is locked up. Their landlord won a court order to evict his former tenants for non-payment of rent.

Brothers Mohammed and Habib Qadir are accused of false advertising -- promising gourmet foods, but buying it instead from fast food restaurants and retailers.

"We advertised that we were getting fresh crab daily, just like the shrimp," former delivery person Randey Cabral said. "Shrimp was frozen from Costco. We just advertised just like the clam chowder homemade. That was all canned which we buy from Ranch 99."

Cabral worked as a delivery person for Gourmet Rockstars for seven months.

Gourmet Rockstars, along with pop catering and gourmet to your door are owned by the Qadir brothers.

A former employee also accuses the company of going to Nation's to buy hamburger for a catered wedding. The couple, Mike and Daniela Patterson, said they paid for a gourmet meal.

"They were disgusting," Daniela Peterson said.

The company also ran promotions on living social and sent food to customers in Las Vegas and Arizona.

Another former employee who worked in sales says many of the orders went unfulfilled after payment was received. He said food that was sent often arrived in unhealthy condition.

"The food was spoiling; the box was being destroyed and these people were being handed a box full of mush," Keith Turnage said.

Former employees also say they were often paid in cash or personal checks and that those checks would sometimes bounce.

The Qadirs also face various charges including failure to both secure workers compensation and to file an unemployment report. They are accused of operating without a license.

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