Westbound I-580 in Castro Valley reopens after freeway shooting

The driver of a black SUV shared his terrifying ordeal after another car opened fire in his vehicle on I-580 in Castro Valley.
February 27, 2014 12:00:00 AM PST
Westbound Interstate Highway 580 after Interstate Highway 238 in Castro Valley was closed for nearly an hour Thursday as the CHP investigated a freeway shooting.

It all began around 4 p.m. A driver says he was on the freeway with his daughter when someone fired several shots at his SUV from the car next to him. Video from SKY7 HD shows bullet holes in the windshield and front end of the vehicle. No injuries were reported.

"It is unknown at this point if the drivers knew each other or if they had any relationship," CHP Officer Eric Thomas said. "What I do know is the officers on the ground at the scene are investigating that. We don't have any updates as far as how the investigation has gone at this time."

I-580 was closed for nearly an hour while officers walked the freeway, searching for evidence.

Since the shooting happened just as the evening commute was beginning, traffic was backed up for miles. People were standing outside their cars, waiting for the road to reopen.

The driver, Jake Detro, spoke with ABC7 News and described his terrifying ordeal. He narrowly missed being hit by bullets.

"First thing I thought of was just to duck. I just laid down pretty much and steered to the shoulder and pretty much hit the brake," said Jake Detro. He says he saw four people in a silver car and the man in the passenger's seat pointed a hand gun at him and opened fire. "I just saw him pull the gun out and then I heard the popping, the gunshots. But the guy who was behind me said there was at least 10 shots, but there was seven on the truck, holes. They hit my hat. There's a little hole through the top of my cowboy hat."

(Bay City News and ABC7 News reporter Leslie Brinkley contributed to this report)