Florida police give 'ticket' to 2-year-old driver


Little Za'dariyah Mishaw was out for her first cruise, driving her cute white convertible in her condo complex's parking lot, when suddenly she saw flashing lights behind her.

The $4 driving infraction against the toddler was given in fun by a few good-natured officers with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office who were responding to a call at the same apartment complex where Za'Dariyah lives with her family.

"Everybody got a bad perception of the police... and the police was real nice when they came along," said Za'Dariyah's uncle Keyth Mishaw, who took photos of his niece's first "ticket" and sent them to First Coast News.

The images quickly went viral on the station's Facebook page.

Za'dariyah's family says the officers were having fun and made a great impression on the girl.

And Za'dariyah is insisting on paying the ticket!

(ABC News contributed to this report)

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