Caltrans: CA highways in best shape in decade

According to a study commissioned by Caltrans, 79 percent of roads in California are rated as 'healthy.' The study also found that 84 percent of highways are in 'good' operating condition.

ABC7 News viewers were asked to tell us which roadways they ranked as the worst and the Nimitz came out on top repeatedly.

"There seems to be a lot of construction on I-880; it seems to be worse around Oakland," said David Jackson, commuter.

A $3.9 billion infusion of cash over the past several years for road paving is almost gone, money from the Recovery Act and Proposition 1B were both one time only programs and not something Caltrans can rely on in the future.

"With people driving less, which they should and driving more fuel efficient cars, that's all good but that's where our funding comes from so that is a double-edged sword," said Bob Haus, Caltrans.

According to Caltrans, one out of every 10 miles driven in America is driven in California. Forty percent of all goods brought into America are brought in on California roads -- in the Bay Area, that's mostly at the Port of Oakland.

"One pass of a fully loaded 18 wheeler is equivalent to 5,000 passes of an SUV," said Haus.

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