Search continues for missing woman on Mt. Tamalpais


Her parents thought it was important for people to know that while her daughter is 33 years old, she looks a lot younger. When she disappeared on March 30, she was wearing a pink jacket and some shorts. There was no search on Monday, just more gathering of information.

"She's a very strong person and she loves hiking," said Natalia Glinkowski, Magdalena's mother.

Natalia Glinkowski and her husband flew to the Bay Area from Boston to help in the search for their daughter.

A surveillance camera caught a picture of Magdalena in the Bootjack parking lot on March 30 around noon. From there, she took off for a hike. She has not been seen or heard from since that day.

"She is not one who would give up and if she is in a difficult situation, she would fight," said Natalia.

This weekend, search teams comprised mainly of volunteers combed a vast area of Mt. Tam. Dogs were also brought in to help.

"Unfortunately, no, they did not get any solid leads from that or any of the volunteers on the trails. They did an extensive search," said Rose Blackburn from California State Parks.

Teams used ropes to go into ravines and searched along several creeks. Mt. Tam has over 200 miles of trails.

Magdalena lives in Menlo Park. She recently moved back to the Bay Area. While she is a software developer, she had been unemployed for the past two weeks.

There were reports that her LinkedIn profile had been updated over the weekend, but that has not been confirmed.

"I checked her LinkedIn account and it is no different than it was on Wednesday, so if it was changed, it was changed before then," said Tom Frazier from California State Parks.

Her father hopes someone remembers seeing her.

"If anybody remembers seeing her please contact rangers," said Jacek Glinkowski, Magdalena's father.

The last person who got lost on Mt. Tam was found. That was in 2010.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Marin County Sheriff's Investigations Unit at (415) 473-7265 or Bay Area Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS.

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