Injured sailor back on solid ground in San Francisco


Andrew Taylor told ABC7 News that he feels really good to be in San Francisco. The boat was expected to arrive earlier Friday, but the crew was nonetheless happy to finish this latest leg of the journey.

Taylor was taken to a local hospital to have his injured leg checked out, fearing it may be broken. He went overboard after being knocked off the boat. The crew searched for 90 minutes, in the open water for their shipmate. They were thousands of miles from San Francisco.

Taylor was wearing a fluorescent life preserver which helped crewmembers spot and rescue him.

"I'm under no illusion; I'm a pretty lucky boy to be here. And, I'm very, very glad to be in San Francisco. I need to say 'thank you' to a lot of these guys behind me for the work they put in for the search and rescue operation," said Taylor.

The boat is participating in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. It begins and ends in London with a nine month journey in between.

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