Clock ticking for those wanting Google Glass


Google isn't saying how many units they've sold, or how many they have left, but they've run out of at least one color and they plan to end the sale sometime night.

This is the first time people have been able to buy glass without a special invitation. And that means a few days from now; there will suddenly be a lot more people starting to figure out what they can do when they have a tiny computer on your face.

The startups inventing wearable technology apps and programs are already pitching investors.

"This is not a fad, this is not something that's going away tomorrow, this is definitely a movement," said Wearable World Co-Founder Kyle Ellicott.

It's a movement that just got a whole lot bigger.

For one day, Google opened up sales of Glass to anyone willing to pay $1,500 for the so-called Explorer Edition model.

It's meant for developers and admittedly not quite finished.

"For them to get a real consumer version it needs to look like our glasses right now -- it needs to look like mine," said Ellicott.

Still, Google sold enough Tuesday that, by noon, they ran out of the off-white cotton color. There are four other colors, including shale and charcoal.

"More people using it, means more feedback for us," said developer Alex Foster.

Foster has a game for Glass called Race Yourself. People use it while running.

"To race against themselves, against friends, or against celebrities or zombies," he said.

Gini Siddiqui's app sends video from first responders to a doctor back at the hospital.

"So, that they can see and hear and understand exactly what's happening with a patient," she said.

Fashion doesn't matter, like a stethoscope, Glass is just another tool.

"So, I know a lot of the buyers today are going to be from the healthcare space," said Siddiqui.

At the University of California, San Francisco, Glass has already made it to the operating room.

"The primary use that I have applied Google Glass for is to project x-rays into my field of vision as I'm operating," said surgeon Pierre Theodore.

Consumers may still be able to order Glass if they hurry, but Google said that window is closing.

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