WWI soldier's love letters found hidden behind attic wall

The letters were discovered after the homeowners hired a contractor to redo their bathroom. The contractor found letter after letter hidden in the attic wall.

They dated back to July 1918 from a man named Clement to his love, named Mary.

"I thought we had ghosts, like I said at first, because these letters just kept appearing," said homeowner Phil Mathies. "You know, we go up there one day and the next day you come up and here comes another batch of letters. Until we find out the contractor was the one that had found them."

"Those letters really convey what he lived in his life and how he felt about our Aunt Mary," said Nancy Teder.

The homeowners tracked down Clement's relatives and found out he did eventually end up with his true love, Mary.

No one is sure how the letters ended up in the walls, but Mary and Clement's relatives say they're glad they were saved.

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